Vanguards 2009 Batch Prophecy

Vanguards 2009 Batch Prophecy
Vanguards 2009 Ringhop Ceremony
Cebu Grand Hotel, Escario St. , Cebu City
Saturday, October 04, 2008

Today is October 4, tomorrow is October 5 and 20 years from now, the morning weather in New York City is deliberately cold as the springtime starts to melt the ice of winter. It is my habit before going to work to open my front window to greet and welcome the daylight. As I open the window, I saw a very determined lady who supervises the loading of ice blocks to five ten-wheeler trucks.

Oh! It’s my classmate Ms. Ann Margarete Tura. I immediately approached her and had a chat with her. She told me that we have a lot of classmates in college who are now tycoons of business. She told me that Ms. Ferna Regla Baring now owns majority of the stocks of British Airways which is now Baring Airways. She also shared to me that in the Philippine Stock Exchange, companies owned by our college buddies are those listed in the top earning companies. These companies are “Magic Ice Cream” of Mr. Michael Jerecho Dueńas, “Durian ni Dumoran” of Mrs. Jermalyn Dumoran, Englaterra’s Platera, “Abastas Patatas” the biggest potato supplier to the rest of the world, “Cansico Puto Seko” a world renowned pastries’ company owned by Ms. Rosel Cansico, “Chorizo by Comiso” a bench marked fully automated food processing company founded by Mrs. Jane Gliza Comiso and Acaman ni Amacanin,distributor of construction materials owned by Lea Amacanin and Kirby Gutierrez.

We All went to the top because of the application of Lean Manufacturing Principles. As I waved goodbye to Tura, I received a call from Engr. Jose Rene Gomez, Chairman of the Cebu Institute of Technology Institute of Industrial Engineering of CIT, asking for my confirmation as one of the panelists in the oral revalida of IRP together with Engr. Jessa Gadiano, Engr. Clieah Espinosa, Engr. Summer Dy, Engr. Farell Tubilla, and Engr. Mhyville Villaras who are now professors of Industrial Engineering in the Philippines and abroad. Engr. Gomez told me that I should be on time for the oral revalida.

I was shopping for my clothes when I suddenly saw that my favorite brand was selling a $25,000 suit which I immediately bought. It was designed by Miss Analou Paqueo and Miss Grace Limpo, two of the most sougtht-after designers to the world’s famous. Like Ambassador to the US Paradise Valiente, UN Secretary General Jane Marie Semblante and Jollibee International CEO Elizabeth Rivera.

I also remembered when I saw the brand of my bag that it was manufactured by Triple A Bags, a company owned by business partners Engr. Butch Albite, Engr. Arnel Aguanta and Engr. Erwin Antopina. Their success in business can be attributed to the use of Line Manufacturing.

After 16 long hours, I arrived at Nuńez International Airport in Lapu-Lapu City where Mr. Gilbert Nuńez and Airport General Manager Bernie Domecillo greeted me. I went to Mcdonald’s, a fast food now owned by Engr. Dendo Bernardo, to take my breakfast before going to CIT for the oral revalida. I called up ABCDEFG cars to rent a car. Engr. Kristian Etulle answered the phone and we had a chitchat. He told me that Promodel was declared itself bankrupt because of the rampant piracy of its softwares. I was saddened by the news that simulation software like Promodel could help industries a lot. Kristian, then , shared to me that there is a new company that develops softwares not only for simulation but also for the other IE Principle applications. The world renowned Gomodel founded by Engr. Vernon Joseph Go with his business partner Engr. Erediano Estrada now distributes a student version copies of the software for free.

I cut our conversation short because I need to hurry up to catch the oral revalida. When I arrived at the venue, Professor Jover Dihayco and Professor Marissa Panon, faculty members of the Institute of IE, gave me the copies of the research papers. The oral revalida lasted for six hours. I received a YM message through my phone from my super bestfriend Chef Jay Dayondon inviting me over to drop by his restaurant.

I immediately got in the car and drove to Restorante Excelente, the name of his restaurant. Inside the restaurant, I’ve noticed a group of lawyers discussing about a case. As I go nearer to them, I recognized that it is Atty. Anabel Monterola with Atty. Melchor Vasquez and Atty. Jhuna Seniedo discussing about an intellectual property case filed by Jay Dayondon against a restaurant that copies his Kwek-kwek recipe. I approached the group and talked to them. Jay brought his famous Kwek-kwek and served it to us.

After we had our dinner, Jay invited me to a concert. We drove to Lincopines Megadome where the back to back concert of the Songbird Ellen Alegre and Nightingale Madge Abastas are to be held. After the concert, I immediately leave the venue to catch another show. This time a showdown between the world’s dancing champions Mae Lozada and Mae Ferolino entitled “Mae to Mae”. The main event is produced by Engr. Mely Masanda, founder of Masanda Events. When the show was over, the two Mae’s acknowledge me from the audience. I went to Borces Resort and Hotel to rest before going home the next day to New York. I turned the 100” Plasma TV developed by Engr. Judith Lariosa’s SONOY, a multi-national appliance and gadget manufacturer. I was glad to catch “Feel Good with Ailene”, a talk show hosted by my former boardmate Ailene Lumasag which is seen worldwide.

The topic of the night is about sports and sports geniuses where it features Olympians like Badminton star Hanilis Sarucam, Chess Master Jerlaine Portuito, Court Heartthrob Ernel Pacinio and Black-Belter Jenelyn Hobinario.

Before I went to sleep, I reminisce our college days. Indeed, my classmates are now on the top and reach the goals that they have set. While me, of course me! I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and… the world’s supermodel!

Challenges for Industrial Engineering in South East Asia

“Industrial engineer” is synonymous with systems integrator - a big-picture thinker, in other words. It's an employee who takes what exists today and conceptualizes what should exist in the future.

We all know that Industrial Engineering started in the U.S. and I guess there’s no need to dwell on its history or maybe perhaps I’ll talk about it later. The thing is, all “Major” Developments are also found in the U.S. and/or Japan. I have had researched on this and have come up with the following Challenges:

Economic Structure – Different countries here in SEA have different economic structures meaning, we simply cannot compare ourselves with the industrial giants since some of us here in SEA are agricultural based economies, export-based and most recently in the Philippines an export of Manpower. U.S. is a “BIG” mass-producer, It produces BIG cars in large amounts (Ex. Ford), and Large amounts food (From their Huge Farming). Japan on the other hand, prides itself with there High Technology which we some SEA nations cannot compete with directly.

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What is Industrial Engineering?

What is IE?

Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, equipments and energy. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skills in the mathematical, physical and social sciences, together with the principles of methods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems. Industrial engineers work to eliminate wastes of time, money, materials, energy and other resources. Part of being an industrial engineer is learning how to balance changes.

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